The Plan

The Draft OPRD Columbia River Gorge Management Units Plan was unanimously approved by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Commission on February 11, 2015.

Planning staff will now be working with counties in the Gorge for land use compatibility approval throughout 2015. Following this, OPRD will formally apply to adopt the plan as state rule.

Additionally, OPRD will be developing detailed site plans for projects identified and prioritized in the plan as a next step in moving forward with these improvements and identifying potential funding. We will be posting information about these plans on the blog as it becomes available.

You can view the current Draft OPRD Columbia River Gorge Management Units Plan here:

Plan 1/2

PDF Part 1 (21mb)

Plan 2/2

PDF Part 2 (17mb)


  1. I am very interested in the future plans for the Oregon State Parks system. My husband and I are avid hikers and found the Mitchel Point hike a bit dangerous due to the extensive rock slide. The trail was not even noticeable, so we sadly turned around for fear of sliding down that rock slide. Would love to see the future west trailhead that could take us to the top of Mitchell Point. Am also interested in the Rooster Rock to Women’s Forum trail, very interesting idea. We are in such need for new trails, most of the west Gorge hikes are being loved to death, therefore making us venture further east for more suitable hikes but have found them to be lacking in maintenance and ease. thank you for all your hard work. Hope to see these trails completed before my husband and I are too old to navigate them…

  2. The link to read the plan is unresponsive.

    • Mike, we are sorry the link is not working for you. Did you try clicking the images (the plan is split into two PDF files)? This seems to be working on our end, but may take a few seconds to load as they are fairly large files. You should also be able to ‘right-click’ on the images and ‘Save file as’ to download the PDFs.

      Please let us know if you are still unable to access the files.

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