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Review & Comment on the Draft Plan!


A family, extreme sports enthusiasts, an artist, international travelers, in-laws visiting Portland from out-of-state, local fruit farmers, kayakers, a sporting goods store owner, native fisherman, a tourist taking a drive….

Everyone is inspired in their own way during a typical day in the Gorge. The following plan proposals aim to support the recreational needs and values of the people we meet in state parks, while celebrating the great diversity of people who characterize the gorge, today and for generations to come. These proposals strive to find a balance between recreation access, natural resource health, scenic beauty management, and fiscal responsibility.

If you’ve been following this planning process for Oregon State Parks in the Columbia River Gorge you know how exciting it is to arrive at the draft plan document stage. We could not have gotten here without your help! Many members of the public, partner agencies, stake holder groups, and state park staff have contributed to the development of this plan.

However, we are not done yet. The gorge is a complex place and we need your help to review this detailed draft plan. The plan is divided into four sections which you can see below. Leave your comments here on the blog, send us an email at, or tell us what you think at our upcoming public meetings on October 22nd and 23rd.

THE COMMENT PERIOD HAD BEEN EXTENDED: Comments will now be accepted on the plan through Monday, December 1, 2014, extended from the original date of November 21.  (Edited 11/18/2014) This reflects a 30-day comment period from the date of the first public meeting.

I. Existing Conditions

GMUP_1Read this section to understand the status of state parks in the Columbia River Gorge at the time this plan was written. This section explores the existing uses, facilities, natural and cultural resources, history, and geographical context of the parks within the management unit. Parks are described from a variety of perspectives, with an emphasis on visitor experience.

II. Analysis

GMUP_5Read this section to understand the discussion and collective thought behind the proposals shown later in this plan. This section describes the public process for gathering input about the plan, the opportunities and constraints that were identified, and an analysis of the major themes that arose during the existing conditions studies.

III. Plan Proposals

GMUP_7Read this section to understand the long term vision for how OPRD will serve visitors to its parks in the Gorge as well as the management strategies that will be used to maintain these parks going forward.

IV. Plan Implementation

GMUP_9Read this section to learn about the steps for implementing the proposals in this plan, including the priorities and phasing identified for improvements to parks, the estimated costs, and the permitting processes required to make this plan happen over the next 20 years, and find out what you can do to help.

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