Preview of Draft Planning Proposals


As a result of the thoughtful input you provided at our past planning meetings, the OPRD planning team is ready to present preliminary planning concepts for Oregon State Parks in the Columbia Gorge next Wednesday April 30th and Thursday May 1st. Given the complexity of the Columbia Gorge we are providing a preview of the proposals for your review. As you consider the proposed plans, there are three important points we would like you to keep in mind.


I. The goals for the third set of public meetings are to:

  1. Summarize the planning process to date.
  1. Articulate the preliminary planning proposals for state parks (see below).
  1. Listen to your comments and questions about the proposals.
  1. Ask for your input on the prioritization of the proposed improvements.


II. This draft set of preliminary planning proposals:

  1. Focuses on identifying improvements within state parks property relative to how state parks contribute to the existing recreation, cultural resources and natural resources in the National Scenic Area.
  1. Includes consideration of natural resource and scenic areas that should be protected within state parks property.
  1. Identifies improvements that can be made to the overall visitor experience in already established state park recreation sites.
  1. Proposes two significant areas for development at Wyeth and West Mayer and identifies five additional parks with major visitor experience improvement opportunities.


III. Later in the final draft plan document (presented at our next series of public meetings) you will see:

  1. Revised proposals based on public comments and advisory committee feedback.
  1. Values, goals and strategies articulating OPRD’S approach to park management in the Gorge for the next 15 years.
  1. Prioritization of improvement projects with budgets and phasing.
  1. A summary of the many regional planning ideas that have been suggested  and discussed by the public, stakeholder groups, and our advisory committee.  (Throughout the planning process OPRD has committed to acknowledge and share larger regional planning ideas with other agencies and stakeholders so as to assist in future region-wide planning efforts. We acknowledge that region-wide planning recommendations are generally beyond the scope of this state parks plan.)


Draft Planning Proposals

 Gorge_All_Park_Proposal_Board_OPRD_2014 Gorge Park Improvement Chart  (1 mb)

Gorge_Proposal_Boards_OPRD_2014_Page_1 Gorge Individual Park Improvements (8 mb)

Gorge_Trail_Proposal_Map_OPRD_2014 Trail Project Map (4mb)

Well, what do you think?

  1. Of the improvements proposed, what do you see as priorities?

  2. If you could see only one of the proposed improvements implemented, which would it be?

  3. Are there proposed improvements that you think should wait?

  4. Is there anything you would like to see that hasn’t been captured in the proposals?


Share your thoughts in the comments below or join up for our meetings next week!

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  1. Love all the ideas here. They are ALL needed. The proposals look great!

    I’d like the rooster rock boat ramp to be improved. Multiple launching docks. Multiple lanes. Don’t worry about dredging that old slough out. Abandon it. Need to put 2 jetties, an east and a west, going due north, straight out into the river just west of the existing ramp. Similar to the launch facility the tribes made at Wyeth. Then improve the curb/parking situation for vehicles with trailers. One can hardly navigate the parking lot and roads with out curbing. Please, add sidewalks and designated cross walks along the road in RR too. Or possibly widen the road with pedestrian lanes on each side. The pedestrians are obnoxious on heavy use days, completely obstructing the road to traffic. Kids darting from cars to grass. Parents walking strollers in road. kids on bikes and skateboards completely un aware of vehicles.

  2. Thank you for the excellent work, the many details included in the proposals for each park, and the vision connecting all parks. It is truly an impressive plan. Love the charts!

    1. The old road down from the Women’s Forum Park is currently used by walkers and equestrians in the Corbett area.

    2. Rooster Rock is still a terrific place to swim in August. Our Granddaughters love walking through all that mud to reach the river. Sad that it is not feasible to have a beach there earlier in the summer.

    3. I’m a volunteer at the Sandy River Delta Park. The SRD is wildly popular with both on and off-leash dog owners, and cannot meet the demand for this type of recreation. Does Rooster Rock State Park offer possibilities for expanded off-leash trails/areas during the off-season?

    Could part of the excess parking be converted to some type of canine agility course or some other canine activity?

    • Thanks for your comments, Barb. We agree. It is unfortunate that is not feasible to have a beach there in the summer, given the historical use, however as you can see we are looking for ways to regenerate the riverfront and increase safety at Rooster Rock State Park.

      The beach as it functions now no longer offers opportunities for sun bathing and is a dangerous condition for younger children who can get stuck in the mud, therefore serving a much smaller user group then it has in the past. Given the loss of safe swimming access at Rooster Rock, Dabney and Benson State Parks, both provide safe swimming access for younger children. At Rooster Rock, we are looking to provide opportunities for waterfront enjoyment that are accessible to all of our visitors and provide interest at all times of the year.

      We expect the willows should help to stabilize the muddy condition you see today, still providing shore in late summer months even after they fill in. Imagine a trail to the waters edge through a low canopy of willows.

      We also recognize the need for additional off-leash dog areas, and are currently looking to find more locations throughout the Gorge based on comments we heard at the meetings. You should be happy to find out that there already is an un-fenced dog off-leash area at Rooster Rock, near the disc golf course and channel.

  3. Claudia Brooks

    Thanks OPRD, for putting forth so much effort to gather citizen input though individuals and groups. The participation appears to be excellent and certainly, productive. I am influenced today by the new posting on WyEast blog about George Shepperd. I would like to add to calls for consideration of an wayside educational tribute to this generous man, Mr. Shepperd. We are heirs to his contribution of his wonderful property.

  4. Thrilled that OPRD has put together a plan that addresses something for just about everyone. Really appreciate all the work done on this. Priority should be giving some relief to the Angel’s Rest trail and increasing trail miles closer to Portland. A restroom for Angel’s Rest would go a long way towards eliminating side trails used as bathrooms. Thanks for this – looking forward to seeing (and hiking and biking) the outcome!

  5. I’m really pleased with the ideas proposed here. These aren’t just token fixes, but a substantial reinvestment in the gorge parks. I’m especially happy with the emphasis on hiking trails, creating better access to the riverfront at several parks, and adding cycling amenities in anticipation of the completion of the HCRH State Trail.

    Specifically answering your questions:
    1. My personal priority is on hiking trails, repairing the existing trails and expanding the network.

    2. If only one of these ideas get implemented, I would be very depressed! But if I had to pick one or two, it would be the Bridal Veil-Angel’s Rest connector and the Rooster Rock-Portland Women’s Forum trail. Some new major trails would be great!

    3. Tough question. My gut reaction is to say Wyeth SP, but I’m really unfamiliar with this park.

    4. I’ve seen some other proposed trails that weren’t mentioned. For example, a Bridal Veil Canyon Trail to the upper waterfalls is a great idea I don’t see here. And I also don’t see any mention of adding any new parks. Since the Grouse Mountain Ranch deal was abandoned and OPRD will be sitting on that chunk of cash from Bandon Biota, at least look at whether some properties might be acquired in the gorge!

  6. Great idea to clean up the old road/trail from Women’s Forum Park to Rooster Rock. That’s a fun walk.

  7. You’ve done some amazing work, here, OPRD — well done! Lots to like, and you’ve presented a very exciting and forward-looking vision for the future. The “connectivity” theme comes through nicely in the concept chart and trail proposals, and the major improvement packages for individual parks are terrific, as well. Great seeing this all coming together!

    Thanks – and I’m looking forward to hearing more at the public meeting next week!

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