Public Meeting III. Planning Concepts


The third set of public meetings in the Gorge state park planning process are scheduled for April 30 and May 1, 2014. We have pushed the meetings back a month to allow OPRD more time to coordinate the plan recommendations with partner agencies, including the Forest Service, Counties, and the Gorge commission.

Park staff will present planning concepts  for state parks in the Gorge and listen to public comment at these meetings. Planning concepts will include strategies for park management units in the Gorge and specific strategies and site plans for our most significant park properties.  Public discussion at these meetings will allow us to clarify the specific opportunities and challenges at each of our significant state park sites. Public engagement and discussion at this meeting is especially important to the success of the planning effort.

Planning proposals will be available online at  for review on April 25, one week prior to the public meetings. You can also visit to review past public meeting materials including existing conditions and guiding values.

The meetings are scheduled as follows:

Advisory Committee Meeting III.Wednesday, April 301:00-4:00pm

Corbett Fire House

Multnomah County Rural Fire Protection District #14

36930 E. Historic Columbia River Highway

Corbett, Or 97019

(Note: The public may attend the Advisory Committee meeting however, only comments from the committee will be taken at this meeting.)

West End Public Meeting III.

Wednesday, April 30


Corbett Fire House

Multnomah County Rural Fire Protection District #14

36930 E. Historic Columbia River Highway

Corbett, Or 97019


East End Public Meeting III.

Thursday, May 1


Hood River Fire Station

1785 Meyer Pkwy,

Hood River, OR 97031


NOTE: The preliminary planning proposals will be available for review online on April 25th not April 23rd as was originally mentioned in this post.

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  1. winabilliondollars

    There is way too much emphasis on limiting public access or turning parks into something other than parks because of what is now fashionable by the so called green movement. Parks and the state highways should work together though out the state to provide free access to the people. With free access we get better use.
    Benson park in the gorge is an example of a problem park. It would make for a great over flow parking area for Multnomah falls and give people parking there a short hike. Instead the fee sends everyone to Multnomah falls over crowed parking areas. Rooster Rock is under utilized by the public with much of the parking empty. compare that to the newer free / fee free park at the sandy delta where the parking lot is getting fuller and fuller. It means that the public should have more access and the fees are preventing it. Maybe it is just a token payment but people voting with their feet are telling us that the fees are making large areas where parking exists empty and areas where there is no parking over flowing with cars parking. If that is planning I would call it bad planning. If that is resource planning then it is planning that makes a great resource under utilized because that parking lot is already there and not adequately used. One way to get more public access is when I-84 is widened or repaired to allow older side lanes to become parking turn offs like elongated versions the bridal veil view point between rooster rock and corbet exit. Seeing more cars along the side of the road is no big deal it is a road.

  2. To suggest “common sense” input that is in opposition to an accelerated satisfying proposal by a million dollar recreation “group” that will ” DESTROY ” the last segment of our “FOUNDING FATHERS” road building “ART WORK” , could be likened to my attempt to roll a “1 TON” ball to the top of Mt. Hood .
    I am referring to that “GOD given” BEAUTY south of I-84 @ M.P. 53 . Footpath–yes . To apply ; power saws ; D-9 bulldozers : and , dynamite , NO ! NO ! NO ! Picnic table and potty house ; YES ! This area SHOULD BE reserved for artist : Photographers ; Musicians : and Painters .
    I like to think back to 1957 when for a period of time , the ‘then’ highway 30 traffic was being rerouted over the Columbia R. Hwy. ; we (an ODOT SURVEY CREW) sat down in the middle of Hwy. 30 and ate our lunch under the bridge near Roena in the shade . .

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